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Homemade Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie

skillet cc cookie side Sometimes it’s good to switch things up, like wearing red shoes with a polka shirt or all black. Or by trying something new at a restaurant where you always order the same thing (guilty here). So instead of making individual cookies, put your dough in a cast iron skillet and have it in slices. With some ice cream on top, or a dollop of homemade whipped cream. Switching it up can be delicious.


6 T room temp unsalted butter

½ cup sugar

1/3 cup light brown sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 large egg

½ tsp kosher salt

½ tsp baking soda

1 cup AP flour

1 cup chocolate chips (I used semi-sweet)

½ cup chopped walnuts (optional)


Preheat oven to 350 and line a cast iron skillet with greased parchment paper (up to an 8 inch skillet will work, for this I used a 6 inch)


Beat butter and sugars on medium high speed until mixed well, about 5 minutes

Add vanilla and egg and beat for another minute

In a bowl mix salt, baking soda, and flour and add to mixer, reducing speed to low

Add chocolate chips (and walnuts if using) and mix until incorporated. Spread dough evenly into prepared cast iron skillet and smooth the top.

Bake for 20-22 or until golden brown



  1. Giant chocolate chip cookie! What would everyone else eat? Yum!!

    1. bakesinslippers

      haha Kecia it went fast at work

  2. This cookie looks SERIOUSLY good! 🙂

    1. bakesinslippers

      thank you!

    2. right I need to get a cast iron pan just for this recipe

  3. I have never had a skillet cookie before! It sounds HEAVENLY!!!

    1. bakesinslippers

      And easy!

  4. I’ve wanted a proper skillet like this for ages. The thought of making this giant cookie will spur on my search!

    1. bakesinslippers

      cast iron is awesome to work with.

  5. Jo @ The Contented Baker

    What a great solution to a successful giant cookie!!! I have been wanting to make one for a while, so pleased I can try it in my skillet!! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  6. I’ve never attempted one of these. I really think I’ll try next time we have an occasion for it, it looks so great!

  7. YUM, I love chocolate chip skillet cookies! 🙂

  8. I have made this before and it was delicious.

  9. Wow! I never knew you could bake cookies in a cast iron skillet. Great post

  10. Omg I need to make this!

  11. Jessica P

    This is very cool! I know my friends at school would love it.

  12. Yummy! I love that it’s made in a cast iron skillet. I might have to try your recipe this weekend.

  13. That image has just kickstarted a craving for chocolate chip cookies or a slice of chocolate chip cookie dough pie – that looks so good! I also like the concept of using a skillet to make this dessert.

  14. Wow! The cookie’s shape is awesome!

  15. OMG, you’re speaking my love language. This looks so yummy, and my mouth is now watering. I can’t wait to try it.

  16. My husband would love this. I’ll have to make it for him sometimes. He loves cookies and the idea of things being cooked in cast iron.

  17. Charity L.

    Looks delicious!! I can just imagine it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream:)

  18. I love making a big cookie like this when I am feeling lazy, great recipe!!!

  19. Yes please! This looks wonderful. Thanks so much for the recipe.

  20. My boys would love this, although they might think the entire cookie is for ONE person.

  21. At Penn State there is a restaurant with a desert called the Killer Cookie which sounds quite a bit similar to this one. You ordered it with your meal so they had time to bake it and serve it hot with ice cream on top. It has been a special there for at least three decades, if not more. My now husband and I used to end every semester with a Killer Cookie! So yummy!

    1. bakesinslippers

      sounds great!

  22. I have never made anything like this before, but today seems like a good day to start!

  23. Looks so good! I know what treat is next on my list to make! Thanks!

  24. Looks delicious. I might have to make this for the nieces!

  25. Oh my gosh – what are you trying to do to me? I am starving right now…and love chocolate. I HAVE to try these!

  26. Hana

    How much butter do you need to put in it? I don’t understand what 6 T is. Looks delicious though!

    1. bakesinslippers

      it would be 3/4 a stick.

  27. Wow, that’s one great big skillet of yum! I have to try this.

  28. BJ’s makes something similar called a Pazookie and it is AMAZING! I always thought they would be hard to make but this looks simple enough. Thank you for sharing!!

  29. yumm this cookie sounds so good and will add this to my list of to-dos

  30. A slice of that cookie with some vanilla ice cream would make a very tasty and refreshing dessert!

  31. This seems like a great idea. I have had cookie cake before, but never thought about making it from home.

  32. This is absolutely drool worthy!

  33. This looks seriously good. Nothing better then a black skillet to bake in. I love your linky party attached too 🙂

  34. OMG! I would rationalize that it was one cookie and eat the whole thing myself!

  35. Stacey Werner

    I’ve always wanted to make one of these. Thanks for the recipe!

  36. So sad I lent to a friend my 2 cast iron skills and she moved from her old house and lost them I cant bake that yummy cookie with out them =(

    1. bakesinslippers

      time to treat yourself to a new one!

  37. I haven’t used my cast iron skillet in a while. I need to break it out.

  38. This looks AMAZING and I like that you use a cast iron skillet!

  39. This looks so tasty! I’m tempted to tell my husband I made him one, single, cookie before he comes home from work one day and wait to see his face when he sees the size haha!

    1. bakesinslippers


  40. Dessert for 4th of july with some decorated frosting on top! Genius!

    1. bakesinslippers

      sounds like a great idea!!

  41. What a great idea to cook it in a skillet, i bet it tastes wonderful!

  42. Ooh oh…chocolate cookies…how I love thee!

  43. Danielle

    Oh my gosh, this looks amazing! I will have to try this on one of my cheat days!

  44. Oh my gosh, yum! I’d be worried about getting it out of the pan, but YUM!

    1. bakesinslippers

      since it’s cast iron and you use parchment, it slides right out

  45. omg. mouth watering!! YUMMY recipe too

  46. I have never made a cookie in a skillet – looks like fun! Thank you for the many chocolate recipes. Pinned! I am a chocolate lover!

  47. I have made skillet cakes but never have tried cookie. Will have to get on that.

  48. That is one huge cookie and my kids would so enjoy it too. I think I just may try it and see if it’s as good as yours look.

  49. Well I bet not one person in the house would complain if I made this. It looks pretty awesome delicious good.

  50. This looks divine! And so easy! Yum.

  51. I am craving for sweets right now. Looking at this giant chocolate chip cookie makes me want to make one.

  52. I have always wanted to try making this! Thanks for reminding me and giving me the recipe! It sounds and looks delicious!!

  53. I’ll bet that tastes especially delicious when it’s still warm. Oh yum, I need to make one!

  54. Jen

    mmmmmm! I love skillet cookies and this looks delicious! My only danger is then I have no portion control – which may or may not be a bad thing 🙂

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    1. bakesinslippers

      thank you!

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