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Share the Cheer with Whole Foods!

This time of year is so busy – with the holidays around the corner and the need to get everything done perfectly, it can be pretty stressful.  We want the holidays to go off without a hitch, and many of us are afraid to ask for help. Don’t be afraid to recruit others to help bring food, wrap presents or set the table – and that is where Whole Foods comes in.  You can buy complete meals at an affordable price to satisfy every taste bud, from the vegan/vegetarian to the meat eaters in your life.  With many packages to choose from, no one at your table will go home hungry.

Whole Foods 2015

From appetizers like Pumpkin Almond Wontons (I had a few more than I care to share with you. The filling was light and flavorful, and can also be served as a dessert with the slight sweetness it had) to Assorted Grilled Skewers, your family and friends will gather around the table eating and laughing while you take a minute to relax.

Whole Foods Pumpkin Wontons

For those seafood lovers, you can have Petite Crab Cakes – now mind you I am not a seafood fan and I loved this appetizer. Mild in flavor and served with lemon aioli, your guests (and you) will be singing holiday tunes while walking around snacking on these bad boys!

Whole Foods crab cakes

Love mushrooms? A dozen of the Gruyere and Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms will be gone before the turkey is sliced! The filling is hearty, and when can you go wrong with cheese??

Whole Foods mushrooms

The mains: We all love the apps, but we come for the main event right? Just like the title fight, you want dinner to be exciting and full of flavor! From the Organic Turkey Dinner to the Classic Ham, you have all the sides and fixings you need to keep your stress level down and let Whole Foods do the work.  We live in a busy time and why not have dinner ready to be picked up at a cost that rivals making it at home.  Vegan – they got you covered there too! Lamb your thing? How about a Sous Vide Slow Cooked Boneless Leg of Lamb and all the sides to serve four? Ordering ahead gives you time to make the table Martha Stewart(ish) or watch the latest episode of your favorite show while you wait for your guests.

Not all of us love to cook, and even if we do it’s nice to know we can pre-order a turkey from Whole Foods in the poundage we need. Because nothing says Thanksgiving like running out of turkey!

Whole Foods turkey

 Gluten-free pies, frozen, fresh or precooked turkeys along with ham or a Lasagna dinner (vegetable or meat) Whole Foods is your one stop show for the holiday season. Just don’t forget the wine! Find a location near you, share the cheer and happy holidays! 

Whole Foods Trisha The lovely and talented Trisha from Eat Your Beets!

Whole Foods rosemarys pear Perfect drink for the holidays – Rosemary’s Pear from the dynamic duo over at The GastroNom blog!

Notes: You can order your holiday meal up until the 23rd, so even if you need more time to figure your life out, no problem! From soups, to salads and desserts, your entire meal from start to finish is ready for you at your local Whole Foods.

Thanks to Cassandra, the Omaha bloggers, Phyllis and the rest of the Whole Foods gang for having us to Friendsgiving! The food was delicious, the quality unbeatable, and I already have my order ready to go.

*Disclaimer – while I was compensated for this event, all opinions and reviews are that of my own.

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