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Toast and Magimix vision toaster giveaway!

*Sponsored post. While I was given a complimentary product to review, all opinions are my own.  CONTEST ENDED

  mag toast with avocado

Toast-seems simple enough right? Most of us like it, most of us make it.  So when offered to review this toaster, I was pretty excited, as I love toast. 


Magimix is showing you a whole new way to see your toast, and I mean that literally.  The open design makes it easy to see how brown your bread is getting, so if your temp is off, you will know it right away.  The easy to use knobs, which go from light toast to brown and crispy, will have your family and friends all excited that they can have their waffles, toast, or English muffin just how they like it.  For my testing and my own preference, I stick right in the middle, at a level 5-brown and toasted, but not too brown.  The toaster will take a little bit longer to toast your bread, but that just gave me enough time to scramble the eggs while my bread for my jacked up egg sandwich finished up.  There are simple buttons, a toast button, a baguette button for one-sided toasting, a reheat and a defrost which heats it up without drying it out.  These are pretty awesome features for a toaster! I especially appreciated the fact that the lever reaches up a bit higher, so smaller items or thinner items come up and you aren’t burning your fingers trying to get them out.  I tried brown bread, white bread, and pita bread, and all turned out just as I want them, with just a glance or two-this made it easy to decide what temperature to keep it on, because the level was the true temp.

mag toaster toast with fig butter

While this might have a heftier price tag than what you have now, with the extra features, the extra large slots, and the controls as easy as they are, it will be the last toaster you ever have to buy.   Plus Magimix was so generous enough to offer up a second one for a giveaway! With the holidays around the corner and family coming over, you can toast to your hearts content, using any leftover toasted bread to make stuffing for the turkey.  I am also including an easy jacked up egg sandwich, which can be made in bulk, put out as an egg/breakfast bar, and you can drink your coffee in relative peace. 

Enter below the recipe, and happy toasting!


jacked up egg sandwich on table

Jacked up egg sandwich
  • 1 T butter
  • 3 eggs lightly beaten
  • Half a jalapeno, sliced into thin chunks
  • ⅓ cup cheese (I used white cheddar)
  • 2 slices of your favorite toasted bread
  • ¼ cup mashed avocado
  • 3 slices bacon cooked and cut in half
  1. Heat cast iron or regular skillet on medium heat on stove
  2. Add butter
  3. Once melted, add eggs and jalapeno and cheese, scrambling to desired consistency
  4. Place eggs on one half of bread
  5. Spread avocado on other half
  6. Top egg with bacon and serve immediately


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  1. That toaster is pretty sweet ~ great post!

    1. bakesinslippers


  2. jamie

    This toaster is very chic would look nice on my counter

    1. bakesinslippers

      It’s super awesome

  3. I like whole wheat toast and I like it toasted pretty dark…I like it pretty crunchy 🙂

  4. Gwen

    I’ve yet to meet a type of bread I did not love.

    1. bakesinslippers

      I hear you there Gwen!

  5. I don’t eat eggs really, but, everything else has me drooling over here.

    1. bakesinslippers

      I am not an egg fan myself, but it does look tasty! Thanks

  6. My favorite bread I am making now, sprouted wheat. It is actually my triathlete husbands favorite bread, he eats 2- 3 slices a day for nutrition. He loves it toasted with Nutzzo. Biggest issue is my loaf is too big for my $19.99 toaster.

    1. bakesinslippers

      It sounds delicious! You need a new toaster!

  7. Heather

    I love toasted bread! I’ll toast any kind and of bread and smother it with homemade strawberry jam and lots of butter!!

    1. bakesinslippers

      Sounds delicious!

  8. I love 12 grain bread, and my toast lightly toasted! Great giveaway 🙂

  9. I love the toaster. It’s pretty fancy! Also, somehow you really jazzed up that egg sammich and made it look delish!

  10. Jillian

    I laughed at the idea of an expensive toaster, but now I’m sold! I need one!

  11. Hmm… I love all kinds of bread… But if you were to ask me what sounded good to me right now, I think a thick slice of old fashioned sour dough bread, toasted just a light golden brown would be lovely… ❤️ thanks so much for a fun giveaway!!

  12. I could go for one of those right now!

  13. My favorite type of bread is wheat! This toaster looks fabulous! I love Magimix!

  14. I love whole grain (the crunchyness is what I love) and I love my toast nicely browned!

  15. I like my homemade whole wheat bread made with flour that I grind fresh, and I like it toasted medium-well, then slathered with lots of butter!

  16. I like a very light, barely brown toast on a sourdough or english muffin bread.

  17. Very nice…never saw a toaster like that. I like a pale brown on my toast.

  18. You have no idea how badly I want a new toaster…I like my toast dark, two steps before burnt. 🙂

  19. manda

    I love sprouted bread.

  20. jen

    I love all bread but lightly toasted Asiago rocks.

  21. Annette

    I love a good artisan/crusty bread and I like it medium toated.

  22. this would be awesome im a chef

    1. bakesinslippers

      Maybe next time, contest all over!

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